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Xtreme Hip Hop With Clyde

It's finally here!!  Xtreme Hip Hop as seen on Instagram and Youtube performed by the man himself Phillip Weeden(thegifted1) and his Xtreme Team... With a passion for fitness and a drive to get everyone healthy I'm bringing this fun, energizing, high energy program that will help you get into great shape all while having a blast doing it, but don't be fooled this is not your ordinary step class.. 

So starting January 12th we will be offering this amazing class 2x a week! The cost of the class will be only $70/month. This will give you the ability to come and get down with us every Tuesdays and Thursdays, then I will have it for FREE on Saturdays... But you can come check it out and even participate in the class for that week of Jan. 12th for FREE!!!!!!

 If your already paying for the monthly class. If not it will only be a $10 drop in. Also u will need a step to bring your own step for now until I locate a vendor to obtain more steps, but a step isn't required to do the class. So don't miss out ! This is going to be a really fun, dope class that everyone can do and have a great time doing it!! So in the words of Phil 

"Don't Stop... Don't Quit" 

And in the words of The Body Factory 

"If It Doesn't Challenge U...

It Doesn't Change U......"

More info will be posted under the classes and pricing tabs and will give u a better break down of the class day, times, and pricing!!